Hello, Old Friend

Me: You came back then, I see?

Paranoia: Of course. You know I can’t leave you alone for too long. I like you too much for that. I have a lot of fun with you. 

Me: So what do you want from me? 

Paranoia: I’d like you to analyse every single thing you have said over the past few weeks, then remember everything everyone else said after every single thing you said…then recall their body language, then the intonation in their voices, then the exact look in their eyes…

Me: What’s that going to do for me? 

Paranoia: Scare you. 

Me: Why do you want to scare me? 

Paranoia: You know why. You know you know why. 

Me: I don’t. 

Paranoia: You do. 

Me: I really don’t. 

Paranoia: You’ll realise soon enough…

Me: You’re scaring me now. 

Paranoia: And I’ve only just begun…


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